Deep Audio Tuning

The DEQ-S1000A universal sound processor sports 4 x MOSFET 50W amplifier, 3 x Hi-Volt RCA pre-outs, and a full-custom, high-performance 48-bit dual-core DSP – significantly improving the sound quality produced by factory-fitted receivers and can be installed almost anywhere in the car.

Download Source Calibration Test Signal

[Depending on the smartphone (Android), the unit may not be operated with an AOA connection. In this case, use an OTG connection]

* The OTG connection requires a third-party USB cable (both USB Type-A Male to Type-A Male Cable and USB OTG Host Cable)

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• MOSFET 50 W x 4
• Hi-Volt RCA Preouts x 3 (4 V)
• Exclusively Designed Audio Parts
• Time Alignment
• Source Calibration (Factory Time Alignment and EQ Cancel)*
• Preset & Custom EQ
• 13-Band Graphic EQ
• 31-Band Graphic EQ (with Pioneer Sound Tune app)
• 3-Way Network Mode
• Speaker Setting
• Super "Todoroki" Sound (with Pioneer Sound Tune app)*
• Live Simulation (with Pioneer Sound Tune app)*
• Remote Control
• USB Quick Charge for Android (CDP)*

* May not be compatible with Android phones depending on connection method.